Apr 4, 2014

Vocational Training Centre in Tribal Areas

The Scheme of Vocational Training Centre in Tribal Areas was launched in 1992–93 to develop skills among the ST youth to enable them to gain employment and self-employment opportunities and improving their socio-economic conditions by enhancing their incomes. Under the scheme, the training for trades including modern trades are being provided through ITIs Polytechnics, Computer Training Centres. Besides, training on vocational trades are being provided through institutions/organisation who are running projects affiliated under ‘Modular Employable Skills’ and ‘Craftsmen Training Scheme’. 
The scheme was revised in 1 April 2009 and provides enhanced financial norms and a time schedule for submission of proposals. 
 The scheme makes the organisations responsible for establishing linkages with placement services and arranging easy micro-finance/loans for trained youth through financial institutions, the NSTFDC and banks.  

Feb 18, 2014

208 Students start his/her own business of VTC Palsan

A student receiving sewing machine
The students of Government Vocational Training Centre, Palsan had received sewing machines under the Nucleus Budget Scheme which is run by Project Officer, Integrated Tribal Development Project, Kalwan Dist. Nashik.

Sewing machine for self employment

Total 139 students who had completed her Shivankam Trade successfully got full shuttle type sewing machine for self employment.

Rs. 5000 and Rs.15000 each for starting his own business

A student receiving Cheque
Total 54 successful student of Electrician Trade had received a cheque of Rs. 5000 each for starting his own business under the N. B. Scheme.
Total 15 successful student of Sutarkam Trade had received a cheque of Rs. 15000 each for starting his own business under the N. B. Scheme.

Total beneficiaries of this Scheme are 208 from Government Vocational Training Centre who start his own business. 

Jan 31, 2014

Tribal staff demand conversion of VTCs into ITIs

(TIMES OF INDIA OCT 30 2013 NEWS) Nashik: The teaching and non-teaching staff of Vocational Training Centres (VTCs) under the Tribal Development Department of the state government agitated in front of the Tribal Development Commissionerate, Nashik on Tuesday Oct 30 2013 demanding conversion of the VTCs into Industrial Training Institutes (ITI), their payments and stipends for the students from March 2013. "The teaching and non-teaching staff has not got their payments since March 2013 till date neither was the stipend paid to the tribal students during the period," Madhukar Gaydhar, the Kendrapramukh at one of the VTC, agitating in front of the commissionerate, said. The TDD has in all 15 VTC in the state with the strength of one hundred students each and eleven teaching and non-teaching staff. Agitating under the banner of VTC Karmachari Sanghatana affiliated to Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), the teachers presented their memoranda to the officials several times before drawing their attention towards the non-receipt of their payments who have been appointed on contract basis and at the same time non-payment of the stipend to the students. "We were asked to wait for a month - after every dialogue and we were waiting till now. It is high time that the authorities only promise and do not deliver," Gaydhar said. The employees are also demanding that the VTC be converted into ITI and also assimilate the staff into the fold as was announced by the government through its GR dated May 5 , 2011 and May 27, 2011. "We are only asking for the implementation of the GR that was announced in the year 2011. This will also help the students get the certificates of the ITI that will fetch them employment opportunities, increase the stipend and salary to the teachers," Sanjay Chaudhari another teacher, said There are 165 teacher and non-teachers in the 15 VTC of the department and all of them recruited on contract basis in the year 1997-98, the teachers added. Click Here

Jan 5, 2014

VTC Revised Salient Features from 1.4.2009

Above scheme revised with effect from 1.4.2009. Revised Salient Features are follows:
Salient features:
1. The Scheme is being implemented through the State Governments at Govt. Ashramschool.
2.    The scheme is exclusively for benefit of the Scheduled Tribes.
3.  The capacity of each Vocational Training Center is 100. i.e. for one trade there should be at least 20 candidates.
4. Each center may cater to five vocational courses. i.e. Electrician, Carpenter, TV/Radio Repairing, Diesel Engine Repairing, Dress Making.
5.  Each tribal boy/girl is trained in one trade of his/her choice, the course being of maximum six months’ duration.
6.    Each trainee is attached to a Master Craftsman in a semi-urban area for a period of six months to learn his skill by practical experience.
The following Expenses are paid under the Scheme:
The maximum assistance of Rs.30,000/- per annum per ST trainee comprising the following:
1.    Stipend top trainee @ Rs. 700/- per month
2.    Rs. 1600/- per trainee per annum for procurement of tools, raw martial etc.
3.    Monthly honorarium to faculty/supporting staff etc.
4.    Boarding/lodging of trainees, electricity and water charges, etc.
5.    Additional payment of annual rent as per actual subject to a limit of Rs. 10,000/- per month is admissible in case of rented building.
Non-recurring expenses @ Rs. 0.48 lakh per trade for five years is admissible under the scheme.

Dec 23, 2013

Vocational Training Center in Tribal Areas

The main aim of this scheme is to upgrade the skills of the tribal youth in various traditional/ modern vocations depending upon their educational qualification, present economic trends and the market potential, which would enable them to gain suitable employment or enable them to become self employed. It is necessary that both State and Central Government should make efforts weaning away the tribal youths from disruptive activities. Hence, one of the major efforts is to establish such vocational Training Institutes for large scale employment of unemployed Tribal youths. The scheme Vocational Training Centres means for Scheduled Tribes and will provide Training for various trades.
In Maharashtra, the scheme was implemented w.e.f. 14 August 1997. Tribal Development Dept. Government of Maharashtra under Tribal Development Commissionerate has started 4 Vocational Training Centres. Each VTC has five trades i.e. Electrician, Diesel Engine Repairing, Carpenter, T.V./ Radio Repairing, Dress Making. Each Training Centre has 100 trainees, 20 trainees in each trade. From 2004, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India had sanctioned 11 more Centres at Government Ashram Schools. In line with the Scheme duration of the Training Course is fixed at 6 (Six) months. In each of these trades there are 20 (Twenty) number of trainees. At the end of the Training Course examination has been conducted and Certificates are handed over to the successful candidates. Under the Scheme of Vocational Training 100 % Central Assistance/Grant-in-Aid are given to the State by Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India.
This scheme was introduced in 14 August 1997 as per GR No. ASC-1093 / Pra. Ka. 271/Ka.13 and 4 Vocational Training Centres has started at Government Post Basic Ashramschool Kotgul Dist. Gadchiroli, Bhamaragad Dist. Gadchiroli, Vinval Dist. Thane, Patharaj Dist. Raigad another 11 Vocational Training Centres has started in 30 January 2004 as per GR No. Sha Sha Sha-2003 / Pra. Ka. 107/Ka.13 at Government Post Basic Ashramschool Palsan Dist. Nashik, Bhangarapani Dist. Nandurbar, Kelirumanwadi Dist. Ahamadnagar, Waghzira Dist. Jalgaon, Gohe Dist. Pune, Kapara Dist. Yavatmal, Sarkhani Dist. Nanded, Ranigaon Dist. Amravati, Kavadas Dist. Nagpur, Kadikasa Dist. Gondia, Devada Dist. Chandrapur, and all 15 Vocational Training Centres are provided training in five trades i.e. Electrician, Diesel Engine Repairing, Carpenter, T.V./ Radio Repairing, and Dress Making.
Above scheme revised with effect from 1.4.2009. Revised Salient Features are follows: